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2010 Goals star
What are your goals for the New Year? Here are a few ideas.

A Measuring Stick of Loyalty star
How do we as parents teach the joy that obedience brings? Time for some FHE Fun!

A Scriptural Emphasis star
What kind of emphasis do the scriptures receive in your home?

A Secret to Success star
Tired of losing out on your dreams? Here is one little secret that can make a big difference in the coming year of 2009.

Amazing Mothers star
I met two women yesterday who have given me hope and encouragement for the future. What were they doing? Fulfilling the quiet role of "mom."

Announcing the new LatterDay Woman Magazine star
Come learn more about Daryll M. Johnson´s latest project, the new LatterDay Woman magazine.

Beliefs Matching Actions star
Here is a simple Family Home Evening activity you could do with your family. It teaches the concept of "integrity" in a way that even the young can understand.

Counting to Ten - Lessons in Gratitude star
Christmas will feel like it's here before we know it. Here is a simply Family Home Evening lesson to help children avoid a "gimme" spirit and, instead, cultivate a grateful spirit. Time for some FHE Fun!

Dealing with Troubled Times star
With the turmoil in financial markets spreading into homes, here is a Family Home Evening lesson to help deal with the stress.

Depression or Joy -- President Hinckley Speaks Out star
President Hinckley speaks to the ever-eternal cause of joy.

Despisers of Those Who Are Good star
Been ridiculed lately for your beliefs?

Do It star
From time to time I will be featuring guest authors who share interesting perspectives on living the gospel as Jesus Christ would have us do. This week's article by Amie Borst focuses on dealing with adversity.

Families star[offsite link] is an official site designed to introduce people to the church. This page explains our feelings on eternal families and how the church helps families to grow strong.

Families - an Oasis Amongst the Storms of Life star
I may make mistakes as a parent. But as long as my children know I love them, things will be ok. In spite of the craziness of the world around them, their family can provide safety, peace, and love.

Families - an Oasis Amongst the Storms of Life star
I may make mistakes as a parent. But as long as my children know I love them, things will be ok. In spite of the craziness of the world around them, their family can provide safety, peace, and love.

Family Home Evening Ideas star
Stuck for some FHE ideas? Here are a few quick and easy ones...

Family Home Evenings for a Year star[offsite link]
Need a great idea for lesson plans? This site by a member offers ready-made, realistic lesson plans that are especially useful for children. I especially like the lessons that are based on the conference reports.

Family Ties Publishing star[offsite link]
Looking for fun family night stories and plays? Family Ties Publishing offers busy families great plays, stories, and other activities for family nights. Also, check out the Best Books section, where you can find family-friendly literature.

Fatherworks star[offsite link]
From BYU, this site encourages strong fathering in the family. Includes stories, activities and theory, and also recognizes that not all families are the same, even within the church.

Figuring Out Difficult Times star
This is the second portion of a Family Home Evening lesson that helps families during difficult times, financial or otherwise.

Filling the Cruel Holes of Hurt star
Sometimes when we’re sad, we try to fill our empty emotional holes in dangerous ways. Here is a child-sized Family Home Evening lesson to teach an important truth: only God knows best how to heal our hearts. Time for some FHE Fun!

Food Storage Basics and more star
Why food storage? Why bother? Read further...

For When You Feel Depressed and Discouraged star
Some days can be "sunny" days, when we feel like we are capable individuals. But then there are those days when the storm clouds of life move in...

Kids Got the Gimmies? star
What do you do when your kids pester you for more and more and more goodies, toys, and other things? The source of all that "gimmie-itis" may surprise you.

Laurie Forbes - Breaking Free star
Unfortunately, Christmas is not always happy for every child. Read more about one author´s efforts to help break the silence on child abuse. Help really is available.

LDS Families star
Terrie Bittner´s gift for putting the day-to-day living of gospel principles into words we can all relate to is a real blessing! I know if you visit her site, you´ll be hooked. And you´ll benefit from her many talents--one of which is teaching from her heart.

LDS Homeschooling and Accelerated Learning star[offsite link]
Tari is the author of LDS Harvest, a book on LDS homeschooling. Her site answers common homeschooling questions and offers resources for LDS homeschoolers.

LDS Women's Alliance star
A new way to meet and support other LDS women is being launched. Read to learn more.

Liken the Scriptures - Behind the Scenes star
Some "behind the scenes" fun from the "Liken the Scriptures" series by producer, Kenneth Agle.

Lost Pregnancy, A Loss of Faith? star
All too often in the midst of anguish we rush to judge God or rule that he is not there. Yet I have learned through my trials that there needs to be a waiting period before we assess God’s presence in our life.

Love@Home star[offsite link]
Do you have more than the standard 2.2 children? This site offers tips for enjoying a family that causes some people to raise their eyebrows, but others to watch in envy. Includes homeschooling, humor, meal planning, journaling, organization and more.

Making Sacred the Season star
Christmas is coming! Build some simple, yet precious moments with your family.

Meet the Producer for the new series Liken the Scriptures star
Read this fascinating interview with producer Kenneth Agle, responsible for the new whimsical DVD series, "Liken the Scriptures."

Missing Child Alert star
What if it were your daughter that turned up missing?

Morale Boosters for Your 72-Hour Kit star
Here are some excellent suggestions for your 72-hour kit, written by Terrie Lynn Bittner, Editor for the LDS Families website.

My star[offsite link]
Parenting and genealogy articles. These include some unique topics, such as how to avoid letting your genealogical speculations go out to the internet world as fact, the acceptable side of parenting failures and how to take great pictures of your children.

Noble and Great star
Do your children know their potential?

Powerful Tips for Powerful Teachers star
What does it take to be a powerful influence in a youth´s life? Especially if they don´t want to listen to you? Read an excerpt from C.S. Bezas´ new book, "Powerful Tips for Powerful Teachers."

Powerful Tips for Powerful Teachers - Part Two star
Struggling with reaching teens spiritually or otherwise?

Promoms star[offsite link]
A site for parents coping with infertility, who adopt or who become foster parents. Uplifting and encouraging.

Random Acts of Kindness star
Ready for a fun Family Home Evening lesson? Want to help bring joy into your family life? Try this simple FHE lesson and experience the beauty of time with your family.

Still Struggling With Too Much TV? star
Another excellent help for taming the TV-monster!

Strengthening the Family through Faith star
Families are struggling, whether financially or in any other regard. Read how faith can help your family not just survive, but actually find joy.

Thanksgiving star
What is at the heart of thanksgiving? Perhaps it is grounded in worship of God as shown through service to others?

The Damaged Girls star
Have you learned about the latest APA report? I have...and I´m boiling mad.

The Eagle Scout and Duty to God Awards star
Help your boys earn their Duty to God award and their Eagle Scout award. It really can be simple, if you have Julie Coulter Bellon´s new book, "Be Prepared: A Parent´s Guide to Boy Scouts and the Duty to God Award."

The Founding Father's Voter's Guide star
As one might imagine, the Founding Fathers of our country felt quite strongly about the future of the United States. Many risked their lives to form that country. Many died because of it. Just what is so important about freedom? Here are some of their thoughts on citizenship.

The Influence of Parents on Teen Binge Drinking star
A recent study done at BYU illustrates the importance of warm, caring parents who also establish steady boundaries.

The Influence of Parents on Teen Binge Drinking star
A recent study done at BYU illustrates the importance of warm, caring parents who also establish steady boundaries.

The perfect-est, yummy-est stocking stuffer ever! star
Christmas is a time to celebrate Christ's birth. But sometimes the busy-ness of our lives pull us apart from our families. Here is the perfect gift to help make sure all your future Christmases are family-full.

The Power of Journaling star
Tired? Feeling stressed? Fed up with life? Try the power of journaling and be amazed.

The Secret Lives of Driven Kids star
Does life seem to be speeding up? Perhaps there is a solution after all. Read about Alexander Robbins's new book and prepared to be changed by it.

The Sinkhole in Guatemala City star
With events like Tropical Storm Agatha occurring - opening up a gaping hole into the heart of Guatemala City - one might rethink plans for the summer.

The Small and Simple Things You Choose to Do star
What small and simple things did you choose at the beginning of the year to help better your life? star[offsite link]
From the Osmond family, this extensive site includes helps, articles and resources on a variety of family topics. Included: Family Home Evening, budgeting, scrapbooking, health and disability issues, family preparedness, and opportunities to help others.

Time with Family star
In today´s hurried flurried world, do we even spend time with family any more? And what are the Savior's thoughts on small children?

Watching With All Diligence star
With all that surrounds our kids, what is a parent to do? The answer obviously is to watch with all diligence and to tenderly care for our loved ones. But HOW to do that sometimes can be puzzling. Here are some profound words from Elder Bednar that can bring a scaffolding of safety for your family.

We Are a Happy Family ... Not? star
Have you had bickering recently in your family? "Children´s Miracle Music" may not help all family issues, but it certainly will help your children learn to happily clean their room and go to bed on time. What could be better than that? :0)

What is a Mother? star
Do I fit the bill of what makes up a mother?

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